Capoeira 100 by Gerard Taylor

Wikipedia says that: Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines elements of material arts, sport and music. I began to train capoeira when I was in 4th-5th grade. When I started 6th grade, my friend stopped training, and so did I. In 7th grade I listened to capoeira music. In 8th grade I hid behind the stairs in my old gym hall to watch a group train capoeira. And now, in 9th grade, I have finally begun to train again.

Since I've lost most of my skills over the years, I started to search for a good capoira book. When I asked for a book at the library I got "Little capoeira book". I wouldn't recommend that one...

This on the other hand, is the perfect book for us capoeiristas! It contains pictures of positions, some important historical facts, a list with words that are good to know and, which I find very usfull, how you use the moves in the roda.

"Capoeira 100" suits for both beginners and "mestres". There are illustrations of basic moves like the "jinga" and much more advanced moves. They show the different steps of the moves and what is important to remeber when you stand in the positions.

So if you need a good capoeira book, read this one!

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